Friday, November 21, 2008

Random Blog Hopping

I have my friends kids and my daughter watching Kung Fu Panda tonight at home. The school had a movie night but it's windy, nasty, cold and I don't want to take them out :)

I'm sitting upstairs random blog hopping. I'm going to try once a week, on Friday nights, to click until I find a blog to post the link too. Why? I love looking at what everyone is doing :)

I worked the book fair in the mornings this week. I'm really trying to push outside of my comfort zone in an effort to get this anxiety beat someday! I don't like having SAD and having limitations, quite honestly, ticks me off! So, I'll keep pushing the envelope and hope that I can overcome it. I did really well this week but it emotionally exhausted me! I didn't realize how tired I was until I laid down for "a few minutes" at Duck's house and woke up 2 hours later! :( Holy cow! Good thing she's such a good friend, hmm? LOL

Okay, off to random blog hop so I can post the blog here next!!!

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